Monday, May 13, 2019

This Post Is Smokin'! (Sorry, Had To Do It.)

The Great Historical Collection Reduction giveaway is going wonderfully. I'm reducing my collection, and the items I'm giving away are going to good homes. Basically I have a lot of books and ogther publications to go through, but from time to time it'll be ephemera. Like this time.

This time it's all Holmes-related tobacco items. As usual I will give you a closer look at them so you can decide if you're interested in answering the trivia question for them. So, here they are. (Oh, first I have to put up the giveaway logo. Sorry.)

We'll do this by size. First is the box of matches.

This side features a Punch-like figure with a huge pipe. Beneath him it says "Delightfully...something." I haven't been able to determine what it says no matter what I've tried or who's looked at it. Anyway, here's what the other side looks like:

Now, this WILL NOT be shipped with the matches in it. That's very illegal and dangerous. I'll put a piece of styrofoam in it so the box won't crush. Besides, I need the matches for my cigars.

Next is the ashtray. It's glass, about 3 1/2 inches across, half an inch deep, and is in near-perfect condition. (Basic wear, at best.)

Next is the tin of tobacco. Now, this is a true tin full of tobacco. It's never been opened, and still has the price tag on the bottom. I cannot attest to the quality or condition of the product inside, but I doubt anyone's ever actually going to smoke it anyway. It's an inch deep, and about 4 inches across.

And then there's the pipe. It's not an expensive one, but it's a real one. The bowl detaches and is real porcelain. It appears to have been smoked at some time, but there's no smell. There's also very little wear on the bit of the stem. Again, I doubt it's going to be used, but it could.

The Trivia Question this month was:
We find tobacco in all forms many times in The Canon, but only two tobacconists are mentioned by name.
Who are they? And what are the cases?

However, I didn't do my homework very well because it turns out there were four tobacconists. So as not to count anyone out because of my mistake, I will accept any two of them (and the cases).

So, there you go. We've had a great response to this, and am expecting more, so any one person's chances get slimmer and slimmer...but someone has to win. Let me know if have any questions, or need more pictures.

Later this month you'll all get a real treat. I'm going to be posting the first paper I ever gave. I think you'll enjoy it, and the surprise ending that comes with it. See you then, and as always...thanks for reading.